Products Developed

Contracted and developed products include the following:
Canulated instrument cleaning systems for surgical application. Developed Model 1100 successfully and launched, then developed the Model 1500 1 year later and built first article and demonstrated at the AORN conference in Denver. First Unit was sold to Denver Children’s Hospital.
Encaser 819 repeater design created, after years of failure by the telecom industry, to increase repeater quantity per housing from an average of 4 to 24, increasing the efficiencies and cost effectiveness 6 fold.

(Click the link and enter the ADC product page. Type 819 Encaser in the “Keywords” search bar top right of the page. Then choose [Encaser 819 Outside Plant Apparatus Case]
The Freewing VTOL Spirit UAV is the brainchild of Tom Sash of Lakeland Florida. Tom was referred to us by a manufacturer in Pennsylvania. He had not been able in 7 years of searching to find a company capable of designing an engine that was “free piston” and would achieve HCCI (homogeneous charge compression ignition). Within 6 months of winning the contract, the RIDE (reciprocating ignition detonation engine) was created and within another 7 months built and tested at our Bethpage site. It is the only “free piston” engine in existence that has achieved all the stated objectives.

Alongside this contribution to the Spirit Aircraft development is the dual counter rotating hub and gimbel assembly used on the Spirit and the tip jets for the props.
The Multi-Tork product line was developed for Tal Millican, a small businessman and owner of a pool service company in Tampa, Florida. His idea was to have a universal tool that could be placed on the end of a power drill or power screwdriver and save hundreds of hours a year in selective knob removal in his industry. Upon our submitting the prototypes and writing his provisional IP protection, the Muti-Tork was field tested and went right to production. It is becoming the fastest growing item in the pool maintenance industry.