New Creation Consulting Co Inc is an extension of the original company Phoenix Tool & Engineering (an injection molding and manufacturing company) created in 1990 in Tampa Florida. New Creation has engaged product development for more than 12 years as a stand alone and for 17 years in total. The contract engineering and manufacturing consulting firm has been engaged to develop everything from kitchen appliances to aircraft. We have been manufacturing consultants to Fortune 500 companies such as ADC Telecommunications as well as developing a product for them that AT&T scientists said for 30 years could not be done. This resulted in more than a dozen of our patents. (See Encaser 819 reference below)

We have developed medical equipment, surgical instruments, occupational therapy equipment and cancer treatment equipment for H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Research Center in Florida, as well as various other instruments for difficult surgical procedures for the University of South Florida Medical Center.

We’ve engaged consumer electronic projects, pay telephone development and manufacturing, robotic and automated material handling systems design and build. Our work is on the web and all over the world.

The proprietary “green” product line was entirely designed, developed and manufactured in the case of the construction SIP), by New Creation Consulting Co Inc. which was intended to be used to launch a new energy company enterprise currently under way.

New Creation Consulting was also the largest single source of after-market reproduction automotive components for classic Chevelle and Monte Carlo interior and exterior trim components in America for 5 years. (exclusive supplier to Ausley’s Chevelle N.C.)

New Creation Consulting Co Inc has written dozens of Provisional Patent Applications for its clients to help protect their IP and is well versed in IP protection.

New Creation Consulting has designed and built material handling systems for all types of industry ranging from Mulch Processing, to 90 Station Robotic Engine Assembly Stations for Saturn.

New Creation’s principal and engineering team have more than 40 years of experience in plastics (all types of manufacturing and processing), tooling and machine design, product design/manufacturing (everything from kitchen appliances, to automotive, to telecommunications, to aircraft).

New Creation Consulting also enjoys a variety of patents and intellectual property developed both for contracted use and proprietary application. Just a few of them are:

Patent Issued

1. 6,897,377 B2

2. 6,553,871 B2

3. 6,628,521 B2

4. 5,399,013

5. 6,563,050 B2

6. 6,894,907 B2

7. 6,655,235 B2

8. 6,862,180 B2